Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Epsilon Epsilon Chapter

Texas A&M Health Science Center Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy

Est. August 23rd, 2008 - Kingsville, TX












For Brothers:

January 2013

Elizabeth Nkwocha


Elizabeth "Swerve" Nkwocha is the first Zeta Class member to receive the Brother of the Month award. She has been a team leader as both a pledge and a brother. Elizabeth helped organize many of the pledge events, and has always been willing to lend a helping hand to a brother in need. She has also helped bring style and swag to the Kappa Psi Epsilon Epsilon Chapter. Elizabeth also took charge in teaching and choreographing every dance move the pledges had to know. Elizabeth, your style, swag and dedication is much appreciated by all of us! Congratulations, Swerve!

December 2012

Ramil Joey Garcia Jocson


Ramil “Genie” Jocson has been a great asset to Epsilon Epsilon since being inducted as a member of Delta class. For the past 2 years, Ramil has been a member of the critically acclaimed Kappa Psi Cooking Crew. Alongside the rest of the Cooking Crew, Ramil has gone out of his way to cook several delicious meals for his brothers at several events including the Zeta Class Beach Retreat and several of the general meeting sessions. Ramil also likes to hang up his apron and give back to the community in philanthropy events. This past semester, Ramil participated in painting the Hope House in Corpus Christi and picking up trash for Adopt-a-Highway. Congratulations Genie!

November 2012

Karen Oparaeke


Karen “McSwagger” Oparaeke is an excellent example of dedication to the fraternity. Since joining as a member of Epsilon class, Karen has lent her unrivaled athleticism to the Kappa Psi touch football team and several other College of Pharmacy intramural sport teams. Karen has also dedicated much time sharing her love of Kappa Psi with Zeta class by participating in several Rush and Pledging events.  In addition, Karen also volunteered at the concession stands at the TAMUK football games. Whatever Karen does for Kappa Psi, she always brings the swagger in full force while doing it.  Congratulations McSwagger!

October 2012

Tuyen Tran


Tuyen “Twinkie” Tran is a hardworking brother who always accomplishes any task given to her with a smile on her face. As a member of the historian committee, Tuyen has made numerous contributions by taking pictures at events and writing articles to submit to the Mask. Tuyen also attended almost every Rush event and helped to prepare some of the food served at those events. Tuyen has also gained popularity in Epsilon Epsilon through her marvelous, delectable cupcakes that she often brings to Kappa Psi events. Congratulations Twinkie!

September 2012

Amber Bacak


Amber “Big Red” Bacak is a strong leader both in and out of Kappa Psi. As the past Vice Regent Internal for the year 2011-2013, Amber is responsible for setting up several of the philanthropy events for Kappa Psi and to this day still plays an active role at philanthropy events. Amber has also made several contributions to the Mask and has volunteered her time to share her love of Kappa Psi with Zeta class through Rush/Pledge events. Amber is a driven individual who manages to not only go above and beyond her duties as a brother of Kappa Psi, but also is the 2012-2013 President of the Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Fraternity on the COP campus. Congratulations Big Red! <3 <3 <3 Amber is also the best Grand-big that this Webmaster could ask for!

August 2012

Rova Wang


Rova “Bo Peep” Wang is a very busy and dedicated brother in Epsilon Epsilon. For the 2012-2013 school year, Rova has spearheaded the Yearbook committee, which is one of Epsilon Epsilon’s most valuable fundraisers of the year. In addition to the yearbook, Rova also contributes her photography skills to the historian committee (seldom do you ever see Rova at a Kappa Psi event without her camera). Rova also does her part by participating whenever she can at fundraising events like TAMUK concession stands and philanthropy events like painting the Hope House. Keep up the good work Bo Peep!

Summer 2012

Daniel Bowflex Lam


Daniel “Shakeweight™” Lam is a very passionate brother of Kappa Psi who practically bleeds scarlet red. Daniel has shared his passion for Kappa Psi with hopeful pledges at every single rush event for 2012. Daniel also took time out of his summer to sell T-shirts on behalf of Kappa Psi to the new COP students and make and pass out goodie bags during P1 orientation week. Speaking of T-shirts, Daniel is responsible for some of Epsilon Epsilon’s most successful designs. When he isn’t “getting swole” at the gym, Daniel enjoys spending time with his brothers at social events, being a pledge trainer for Zeta class and is a valuable member of the Kappa Psi intramural football team.   Congrats Shakeweight™!

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